Opening Greetings (0:13:00)


The Crooked Man: In the works (02:39)

Sea Oak: Glenn Close to star (08:18)

Behind the Sightings: Teaser trailer and release date (15:14)

Featured Topic Rakka: Short Film Review (24:31)

Interview with Alyssa Sutherland (The Mist) (33:43)

Interview with Jebidiah Goodacre (The Recall) (48:02)

Video Game Trailers

The Evil Within 2 (65:43)

 Days Gone (76:45)

Trailer Reviews

Happy Death Day (83:35)

Flatliners (89:58)

The Gracefield Incident (98:21)

Midnighters (105:51)

Outro (11:29)




In this week's episode, we feature an exclusive interview with Micheal Gatt Composer for Blood Drive, Actress Renaye Loryman and Actor Tristan McKinnon of Alfred J Hemlock

Intro (00:00)

Opening Greetings

Host: Ken Artuz Founder, Editor of DecayMag

Co-Host: Stacy Cox, Staff Correspondent for DecayMag

Movie News

Ghostbusters: Dan Aykroyd's Thoughts on Paul Feig's Latest Reboot (01:00) 

Deathwish: Remake Launches November 22, 2017 (16:10)

Amityville: Summer Release Cancelled (31:14)

I See You: Stars Helen Hunt (38:50)

Interview Micheal Gatt, Composer ( 43:47)

Interview  Renaye Loryman and Tristan McKinnon (68:53)

Movie Trailers

Killing Ground (114:53)

What The Waters Left Behind, A.K.A. Los Olvidados (118:17)

What The Waters Left Behind, A.K.A. Los Olvidados (118:17)

Lost Gully Road (132:03)

TV News

The Exorcist: Season 2 Cast (136:30)

Fear the Walking Dead: Viewer Stats (139:43)

American Horror Story: Season 7 Filming Underway (144:10)

Closing (153:50)



Opening greetings: (00:00)


Neill Blomkamp Debuts Oats Studios (01:52)

Sharnado (08:00) 

Slenderman Production in Boston (17:00)

Inside Remake gets a trailer (29:22)

Godzilla Vs King Kong, Adam Wingard To Direct (36:02)

I Kill Giants (45:58) 

Exclusive Interview Marko Mäkilaakso (49:50)

Exclusive Interview Karin Konoval (83:58)

Trailer Reviews 

5150 (97:23)

Darkness Rising (99:53)

Seoul Station (106:02)

Castlevania (110:59)


Sense 8 Cancelled (115:30)

Shudder Original Series Content (120:40)

Friday The 13th On Tv? (124:08)

Channel Zero Season 3 Confirmed (129:45)

Tales from The Crypt Cancelled (133:28)

Outro (137)



Intro: (00:00)

Opening greetings

Host: Ken Artuz Founder, Editor DecayMag

Co-Host Stacy Cox Staff Correspondent DecayMag

Trailer Reviews

Berlin Syndrome

Redwood Trailer

Tonight She Comes

Featured Topic Wyrmwood: Trailer Review for Wyrmwood: Chronicles Of The Dead

Exclusive Interview Tracey Birdsall interview (20: 45)

Exclusive Interview Petra Bryant (45:00)

Exclusive Interview Ed Marx (96:06)