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In this week's episode, we reveal the five (5) winners to receive Peelers on DVD.

Opening Greetings (0:13:00)

Ken Artuz, Host

Movie News

Fede Alvarez, Simon Barrett,  Jason Eisener Developing  Thriller (0:1:38)

Fabio Frizzi to Perform in New York City This October (0:5:44)


The Weinstein Company Delays Polaroid film. (0:9:24)

Srdjan Spasojevic to direct WhereOut (15:41)


Peelers DVD Giveaway Announcement (18:56)

• Don A. from Pico Rivera, California

• Jayme S. from Dubuque, Iowa

• Aliana from New York City, New York City

• Robert K. from Ste. Catherine, Quebec

• Cory C. from Erie, Pensylvania

Trailer Reviews

It Comes at Night (26:33)

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (30:55)

Fate (34:37)

Awaken the Shadowman (38:56)


AMC Upcoming Horror Programming (44:01)

Tales From the Crypt Reboot Update (51:55)

Outro (58:06)





In this week's episode, we feature exclusive interviews with Megan Freels Johnston, Stewart Sparke

Opening Greetings (0:12:00)

Ken Artuz, Host

Stacy Cox, Co-Host

Movie News

Invasion of the Body Snatchers Remake (01:25)

O2, Anne Hathaway to Star (07:09) 

The Purge 4, Gerard McMurray to direct (14:39) 

Bird Box, Sandra Bullock to star ( 25:30)

Megan Freels Johnston, Writer/Director, The Ice Cream Truck (32:19)

Stewart Sparke The Book Of Monsters (59:27)

Trailer Review

Jigsaw (97:25)

IT (107:28)

The Shape of Water (120:08)

Charismata (128:06)

OUTRO (133:26)





Ken Artuz, Host

Stacy Cox, Co-Host


Quentin Tarantino prepares for next film (01:43)

Strangers: Casting Exclusive (07:07)

1974: Casey La Scala to direct (12:31)

The Houses October Built 2: September release (18:24)


Ali Vela Interviewer

Terry Notary, Actor, Movement Choreographer


Cult of Chucky  (77:58)

Conjuring The Witch's Doll  (86:45)

Final Cutz (92:00) 


Stranger Things: Season 2 (98:10) 

Judge Dredd Mega City One (105:55)

The Exorcist: Season 2 Cast  (111:43)

OUTRO (119:41)






Opening Greetings (0:13:00)

Ken Artuz Host

Enid Artuz Co-Host

Stacy Cox Co-Host

Exclusive Interview Iqbal Ahmed (3:17)

Exclusive Interview Jason, Paranormal Den (29:21)

Exclusive Interview Safe Place Cast Roundtable (65:00)

  • Nick Hunt (Director, Writer) 
  • Lara Jean Mummert (Actress, Detective Denise Felton) 
  • James Taylor (Actor, Chris Craven)
  • Genoveva Rossi (Actress, Sarah Craven) 
  • Rakeem Devonn Hunter (Actor) 
  • Timothy Noble (Actor)
  • Kat Kemmet (Actress, Lizzie)
  • John Gettier (Actor, Officer Hunt) 
  • Jordan Phipps (Actress, Nurse Rachel)
  • Nathaniel Matos (Actor, Tommy) 

Outro (156:00)





In this week's episode, we feature exclusive event coverage for The Art of VR at Sotheby's June 22-23rd, 2017 Kingdom Hearts World Tour Orchestra June 24th, 2017

This week we're co-hosted by DecayMag Content Contributor Ali Vela.

Opening Greetings (0:16:00)

Ken Artuz Founder, Editor

Enid Artuz Content Contributor

Stacy Cox Staff Correspondent 


Saw: Legacy Retitled Jigsaw (0:02:08)

Warner Bros. $900 Million Conjuring Lawsuit (0:10:45)

Kevin Smith new horror movie Killroy Was Here (0:20:09)

Godzilla King of Monsters Now Filming (29:04)

Twilight Zone Movie Gets Writer (43:25)

FEATURED: Blade Runner 2049 EW Featurette (53:54)

Event Coverage The Art of VR at Sotheby's (61:46)

Alien in Utero (62:00)

• Interview (68:55)

Raising A Ruckus (70:00)

• Guy Primus Co-Founder/CEO The Virtual Reality Company (84:00) 

• Emmett Choy The Virtual Reality Company ( 89:25)

Lincoln in the Bardo (90:55) 

ARK Project / Cognition (104:12)

• Brian Pope CEO / Creative Director (116:58)

Loot Interactive (Apollo) (122:33) 

Blackthorn Media Dragon Flight (130:04) 

• Larry Jones CEO Blackthorn Media (137:18)

Spider Homecoming (141:51)

Event Coverage Kingdom Hearts Orchestra NYC (162:29)

Track List:

1. Dearly Beloved - Kingdom Hearts 

2. Destati

3. Organization XII

4. Twinkle Twinkle Holiday 

5. Treasured Memories

6. The World of Kingdom Hearts 

7. Fate of the Unknown

8. Threats of the Land: Kingdom Hearts Battle Medley


Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Reveal 

9. Heroes and Heroines: Characters' Medley

10. Lazy Afternoons

11. Vector to the Heavens

12. Wave of Darkness

13. Daybreak Town: The Heart of X

14. The Other Promise

15. Let Darkness Assemble: Final Boss Battle Medley

16. Fantasia alla marcia (Yoko Shimomura piano accompaniment)

Editor's note: Music provided in our coverage was sample clips, not actual in-concert recordings.