July 2, 2017

DecayMag Podcast S4 EP 12 Event Coverage The Art of VR at Sotheby’s, Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour NYC



In this week's episode, we feature exclusive event coverage for The Art of VR at Sotheby's June 22-23rd, 2017 Kingdom Hearts World Tour Orchestra June 24th, 2017

This week we're co-hosted by DecayMag Content Contributor Ali Vela.

Opening Greetings (0:16:00)

Ken Artuz Founder, Editor

Enid Artuz Content Contributor

Stacy Cox Staff Correspondent 


Saw: Legacy Retitled Jigsaw (0:02:08)

Warner Bros. $900 Million Conjuring Lawsuit (0:10:45)

Kevin Smith new horror movie Killroy Was Here (0:20:09)

Godzilla King of Monsters Now Filming (29:04)

Twilight Zone Movie Gets Writer (43:25)

FEATURED: Blade Runner 2049 EW Featurette (53:54)

Event Coverage The Art of VR at Sotheby's (61:46)

Alien in Utero (62:00)

• Interview (68:55)

Raising A Ruckus (70:00)

• Guy Primus Co-Founder/CEO The Virtual Reality Company (84:00) 

• Emmett Choy The Virtual Reality Company ( 89:25)

Lincoln in the Bardo (90:55) 

ARK Project / Cognition (104:12)

• Brian Pope CEO / Creative Director (116:58)

Loot Interactive (Apollo) (122:33) 

Blackthorn Media Dragon Flight (130:04) 

• Larry Jones CEO Blackthorn Media (137:18)

Spider Homecoming (141:51)

Event Coverage Kingdom Hearts Orchestra NYC (162:29)

Track List:

1. Dearly Beloved - Kingdom Hearts 

2. Destati

3. Organization XII

4. Twinkle Twinkle Holiday 

5. Treasured Memories

6. The World of Kingdom Hearts 

7. Fate of the Unknown

8. Threats of the Land: Kingdom Hearts Battle Medley


Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Reveal 

9. Heroes and Heroines: Characters' Medley

10. Lazy Afternoons

11. Vector to the Heavens

12. Wave of Darkness

13. Daybreak Town: The Heart of X

14. The Other Promise

15. Let Darkness Assemble: Final Boss Battle Medley

16. Fantasia alla marcia (Yoko Shimomura piano accompaniment)

Editor's note: Music provided in our coverage was sample clips, not actual in-concert recordings.


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