Our first Interview features actress Natalie Shaheen. Shaheen talks about her career, fitness and her upcoming role in Godzilla King Of The Monsters. Paranormal Investigators Bob Magill and Tina Storer team for a new series on the Travel Channel, Ghost Bait. Magill and Storer discuss ghosts, psychology in our second interview.

Introduction 00:00:14

Segment 1. Movie News

The Conjuring 3 Release Date 00:06:14

Mark Hamill Voices Chucky in Reboot 00:19:44

Akira Gets Ticket To Big Screen 00:30:47

Exclusive Interview Actress Natalie Shaheen, Godzilla: King of the Monsters 00:37:43

Segment 2. Television and Streaming 

Creepshow Cast Developments 01:07:44

Netflix Set Release Date For Ted Bundy 01:14:21

Swamp Thing Gets Release Date 01:26:38

Exclusive Interview Bob Magill and Tina Storer Travel Channel's Ghost Bait 01:35:33

Segment 3 Trailer First Impressions

I'll Take Your Dead 02:08:53

Godzilla: King of the Monsters 02:14:05

Annabelle Comes Home 02:23:37

Outro 02:35:09

Sylvester Barzey, Author for Planet Dead, The Briggs Boys discusses self-marketing and Horror. C.P. Dunphey Founder of Gehenna and Hinnom Publishing Joins Our Featured Exclusive Interview For This Week's Podcast.

Introduction 00:00:14

Segment 1. Movie News

Bitter Root Comics Gets Film Adaptation 00:05:13

The Craft Reboot Developments 00:15:40

RL Stein Fear Street Trilogy Cast Developments 00:25:59

Exclusive Interview 

Author Sylvester Barzey. Planet Dead Book series 0036:06

Segment 2 Television, Streaming

Stranger Things 3 Release Date Trailer and Poster 01:16:40

Chambers First Look Images Revealed 01:25:22

Syfy Denies Tales for a Halloween Night Anthology 01:36:16 

Exclusive Interview 

C. P. Dunphey founder of Gehenna & Hinnom Publishing 01:47:01

Segment 3 Trailer First Impressions

Dead Trigger 02:34:52 

Room for Rent 02:46:35

The Mummy Reborn 02:57:42

Outro 03:09:48

Eric Pham, Filmmaker, CEO Phame Factory discuss his latest film Flay including legal woes with Sony. Veronika Slowikowska, Talks rising as an Actress, Comedian and her role in What We Do In The Shadows

Introduction 00:00:14

Segment 1 Movie News

The Dead Don’t Die. Zombie. Comedy Gets Release Date 00:03:14

Gender Bender Invisible Man In The Works? 00:09:14

The Shed Production Details 00:14:58

Exclusive Interview Eric Pham 00:19:52

Segment 2. Television, Streaming

The Walking Dead Ratings Continue To Decline 00:58:55

I’m Thinking of Ending Things Cast Developments 01:06:27

Exclusive Interview: Veronika Slowikowska 01:09:49

Segment 3. Trailer First Impressions 

The Silence 01:45:25

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 01:50:07

Outro 01:55:05

Conrad Faraj Discusses His Latest Film, Fighting The Sky. Adam Rodness, Stuart Stone Horror Film Making Duo Talk Scarecrows


Segment 1. Movie News

John Krasinski to direct A Quiet Place sequel 00:03:13

Warner Bros Reschedules Horror Releases 00:08:55

Peter Weller Will Not Reprise Role For Robocop Returns 00:14:10

Exclusive Interview

Conrad Faraj Director, Writer Fighting The Sky 00:19:25

Segment 2. Television and Streaming

Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels Cast Developments 00:56:16

The Haunting Second Season Plot Revealed 01:01:06

Halo Series Heads To Showtime 01:04:50

Lost Boys TV Series Cast Developments 01:10:15

Exclusive Interview

Adam Rodness, Stuart Stone, Filmmakers Scarecrows 01:15:19

Segment 3 Trailer First Impressions

The Curse Of La Llorona 02:11:00

Hell Of A Night 02:06:15

The Harvesting 02:10:48

Beasts Of The Field 02:15:56

The Axiom Cast Roundtable Interview 

Exclusive Interview with The Axiom Director, Writer; Nicholas Woods, Actresses Hattie Smith, Nicole Dambro, and Editor, Producer, Visual Effects Alex Gans


Introduction 00:00:39

The Axiom First Impressions 00:05:02

Roundtable Interview Part I 00:20:03

The Cabin in the Woods Horror Subgenre 00:50:31

Roundtable Interview Part II 01:09:00

The Axiom Character Development 01:34:00

The Axiom Final Thoughts 01:47:00

Crossbreed Exclusive Interview Featuring Director and Co-Writer Brandon Slagle, Actress and Producer Devanny Pinn, Actor Stink Fisher


Introduction 00:00:38

Crossbreed First Impressions 00:04:09

Crossbreed Exclusive Interview Part I 00:22:12 

Expressing Future in Horror, Sci-Fi 00:51:07

Creature Concept Design in Horror, Sci-Fi 01:08:00

Crossbreed Exclusive Interview Part II 01:23:00

Crossbreed Final Thoughts 01:52:00 

DecayMag Sessions EP 22 focuses on the Crime, Drama, Thriller The Pinch. The episode features an exclusive interview with the film director, writer Ashley Scott Meyers, and actor Gunner Wright

Introduction 00:00:09

The Pinch First Impressions 00:03:21

The Pinch Protagonist Impressions 00:3:28

Exclusive Interview director, writer Ashley Scott Meyers 00:24:02

The Pinch Antagonist Impressions 01:25:00

Exclusive Interview actor Gunner Wright 01:34:00 

The Pinch Final Thoughts 02:00  

To commemorate the (ten) 10 year anniversary of the release to Dead Space we've dedicated our latest episode to this influential survival horror video game title. We also feature an exclusive interview with actor Gunner Wright, voice over for Issac Clarke. 


Introduction 00:00:10

00:05:32 Dead Space Influence on Survival Horror 

00:16:49 Dead Space Action Elements Did it kill the franchise? 

00:28:122 Dead Space Exclusive Interview Actor, Gunner Wright  

00:58:16 Dead Space The Animated Films

01:23:00 Dead Space Closing Thoughts


Jason Kellerman, Director Writer Hunter

Jamie Bernadette Actress, Writer, Producer The 6th Friend


Introductions 00:00:14


Masters Of The Universe Reboot in Development? 00:03:14

Ghostbusters 3 in Development 00:14:48


Jason Kellerman, Director Writer Hunter 00:23:07


Is A Mortal Kombat Animated Film in Development?  01:10:00

The Witches Cast Developments 01:22:00


Jamie Bernadette Actress, Writer, Producer The 6th Friend 01:31:00


Netflix Renews Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 02:10:00

Syfy Cancels Channel Zero 02:16:00

SyFy cancels Z Nation 02:26:00


The Amityville Murders 02:34:00

Happy Death Day 2U 02:45:00

The Final Wish 02:55:00

Siempre Bruja 03:08:00

Closing Thoughts 03:16:00


DecayMag first interview of 2019 features an Exclusive Interviews: Maria Olsen (Ghost In The Graveyard), Nick Blood (Still), Aaron Dalla Villa (Pledge). Also, Paul Dulski and Tristan Notte of Everything Horror Podcast and Stephen Gillhespy of Possessed Radio join in a collaboration roundtable. 


Introduction 00:00:14

Movie News 

Terrified Reboot In Development 00:2:27

James Wan Leaves Resident Evil Reboot 00:17:46

Exclusive Interview

Actress Maria Olsen 00:33:44

Movie News

Creepypasta Russian Sleep Experiment In Development 01:24:00

Tremors 7 In The Works 01:33:00

Exclusive Interview

Actor Nick Blood 01:45:00

Trailer First Impressions

Hellboy 02:16:00

Us 02:26:00

Exclusive Interview

Actor Aaron Dalla Villa 02:57:00

Trailer First Impressions

Men In Black International 03:21

Kingdom 03:30:00

Closing Thoughts 03:44:00

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