Royce Gorsuch Talks Mad Genius On DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast S8 EP 2 

Royce Gorsuch Exclusive Interview

Intro 0:13

Segment 1 Movie News

RoboCop Returns, Neill Blomkamp To Direct 02:09

Jeremy Renner Joins Spawn Reboot 12:05

Patient Zero Gets Release Date 22:47

Segment 2. Exclusive Interview

Royce Gorsuch, Mad Genius Director, Writer 27:42

Segment 3: Trailer First Impressions

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween 63:41

Extinction 73:38

The School 79:44

Tales From The Hood 2 86:19

Outro 100:40




Intro 0:13

Segment 1. Movies

MGM Working on Child's Play Reboot 02:11

Firestarter Remake Gets Director 12:14

Fatih Akin Doctor SleepThe Shining Sequel In Development 23:50

Friday the 13th Producer Interested in Reboot 33:42

Segment 2. Exclusive Interview:

Stephen Gillhespy of Possessed Radio 44:59

Segment 3. Trailer First Impressions

UFO 68:39

The Witch In The Window 77:59

Hunt For The Skinwalker 86:30

Lifechanger 97:20




INTRO 0:16


Morbius, Lead Confirmed 01:40

Evil Dead, Sequel Rumored 8:47



The Walking Dead, Season 9 Developments 50:52

The First Purge, Masked Creeps Get their own Posters 56:56

Sacred Lies, Facebook Watch Creates Horror / A Love Story, Instagram TV to Produce Horror Movie 64:02

FraXtur, Digital Series in Development 75:54 

Netflix Saves Lucifer 80:14

Segment 4 Trailer First Impressions

Our House 85:46

The Predator 85:46

Wellington Paranormal 97:20



This week the DecayMag Team are joined by Paul Dulski and Tessa Baker Founder of Everything Horror Podcast. 

DecayMag Podcast S7 EP 12 focuses on the latest Horror, Sci-Fi trailers from E3!


Introduction 00:13 

Segment 1 Movie News: 

Murder in the Woods. an all-Latino Horror Film 04:05

James Wan Producing Arachnophobia 11:18

Segment 2 E3 Trailer First Impressions 

The Last of Us Part II 22:34

Death Stranding 35:25

Resident Evil 2 43:13

Fallout 76 53:33

Cyberpunk 2077  64:47

Halo Infinite 73:51

Segment 3 Interview with Paul Dulski Tessa Baker 84:52

Segment 4 Trailer First Impressions

The Song of Solomon 129:36

Unfriended: Dark Web 140:27

Dead Envy 147:25

Minutes to Midnight 151:43

Outro 159:53






David Riordan Discusses It Came From The Desert 

On June 8th, 2017 I interviewed filmmaker Marko Mäkilaakso, and thus began our coverage of It Came From The Desert. On May 21st, 2018 I interviewed lead actress Vanessa Grasse on her role in It Came From The Desert. On Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 I connected and concluded coverage to the film in our interview with David Riordan, developer of the game to which the film is based on.

According to IMDb Riordan served as Director, Writer, Producer for video game content with credits beginning in the early nineties.  Below is a list of Riordan's notable works;

Mystic Midway: Rest in Pieces (1992)

It Came from the Desert (1992)

Thunder in Paradise Interactive (1995)

Of Light and Darkness (1998)


Joe Lujan Discusses Atelophobia and The Immortal Wars Film Trilogy Exclusive Interview 


Intro 0:13

Segment 1 Movies

Topic 1. Intruders Begins Filming Summer 2018 01:32

Topic 2. Tom Six to Direct The Onania Club 08:37

Topic 3. Bloodshot Cast Development 17:17

Topic 4. The Great Illusion Cast Development 23:52


Segment 2 Exclusive Interviews 27:27

Joe Lujan, Director, Writer, Producer: Atelophobia


Segment 3 Television

Topic 1. Siren Season 2 Confirmed 89:30

Topic 2. American Horror Story Season 8 94:40

Topic 3. The X-Files Season 12 Update 104:29

Topic 4. The Vampire Chronicles TV Series Update 110:52

Segment 4 Trailer First Impressions

Topic 1. Upgrade 116:46

Topic 2. Sharp Objects 122:42

Topic 3. Down A Dark Hall 128:38

Outro 137:31



Vanessa Grasse, actress in In Came From The Desert and last year's Leatherface release Joins DecayMag Podcast S7 EP10 in an exclusive interview.  


Podcast agenda

Introduction 013

Segment 1. Movie News  

Zombieland Sequel Rumored 01:52

The Changeling Gets Remake 08:35

It Chapter 2: Cast Update 13:26

Poster art for The Nightmare Gallery 26:00

Poster art for AURA 33:55

Segment 2. Exclusive Interview 

Actress Vanessa Grasse. It Came From The Desert, Leatherface 43:05

Segment 3. Television

What We Do in the Shadows TV Series 75:52

The X Files Ends, Again. 85:14

Segment 4.


The House That Jack Built 

Angels of Mercy Teaser Trailer 





John Johnson, Filmmaker, and co-founder of Eternal Ground Films joins DecayMag Podcast S7 EP 9

John Johnson is joined by Actress, Director Kristen Ray together they discuss the latest film set to release in film festival circulation, What Becomes Of Us


In this episode: 

Intro 00:13 

Segment 1. Movie News 

Rabid In Production 01:31 

The Haunting Of Nicole Brown Simpson Film Planned 09:05

Zombie Brother Feature Film To Develop 19:29

Segment 2. Exclusive Interview John Johnson, Kristen Ray 26:38

Segment 3. Television 

Impulse Trailer Debut 80:01

Filipino Horror Series Youtopia Debut 86:40

Light As A Feather 96:46 

Segment 4. Trailer First Impressions

Ouija House 108:35

Sequence Break 114:17

Predator 121:18

Tremors 128:17 



Jimmy Dempster returns to DecayMag Podcast to discuss his latest film, the psychological Horror short, Box. 

Podcast Agenda

Introduction 0:16

Segment 1. Movies 

Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark Feature Film Development 03:41

Alexandre Aja, Sam Raimi to create Horror Thriller; Crawl 09:44

Keith David Replaces Clarence Williams the 3rd in Tales from the Hood 2 16:35

Happy Death Day 2 cast development 22:36

Exclusive Interview 

Jimmy Dempster 30:49


Swamp Thing Series in development 77:33

Channel zero 4th season 82:09

Trailer First Impressions

Feral 91:56

Lake Fear 3 98:43 

Outro 105:19


In DecayMag Sessions Episode 16 we feature an exclusive interview with Director, Writer Jacob Perrett, and Actor, Producer Taylor Rhoades. Perrett and Rhoades together worked on the upcoming release Weird Fiction. The film will be released in October 2018. A trailer was released on the 1st of May 2018. Also be sure to read our film review for Weird Fiction via our website.   


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