Marshal Hilton Exclusive Interview

Marshal Hilton is an Actor, Producer and is notable for portraying villainous/anti-hero figures in Horror cinema. Hilton possesses over fifty (50) acting credit spanning twenty-five (25) years. Some of Hilton’s memorable work includes;

• Co-starring in the 3D Animated Comic Book adaptation of "The Living Corpse" from Anchor Bay films.

• Supporting in the Fantasy Sci-Fy Adventure Drama Fate

• Supporting in the Vampire Drama Teeth & Blood

• Supporting in the Horror Thriller Bunnyman 2 for Anoc Entertainment.

• Regular Co-Star, on the #1 Rated Fox Kids Show Beetleborgs Metallix



Tammy Gillis Exclusive Interview

Tammy Gillis is an Actress, Director, Producer with over eighteen years (18) years experience in the field of film and television production. Over the course of her career advancement, Gillis earned fifty-five (55) performance credits. Some of her recent roles include the portrayal of Jane, a LAMDA mercenary, in Syfy's supernatural-themed television series Ghost Wars. The thirteen episodic first season is now available via video on demand across SYFY and iTunes platforms. Ghost Wars will make its Netflix worldwide release sometime this year.


Brandon Marsh, Creative Manager at Creative Mobile, Exclusive Interview

In DecayMag Sessions Episode 9 we feature an exclusive interview with Brandon Marsh, Creative Manager at Creative Mobile. Our conversation focused on the upcoming release of The X-Files Deep State. 

Creative Mobile in collaboration with FoxNext Games produced a gaming experience that takes advantage of the graphics engine on today's mobile devices. Dedicated enthusiasts of The X-Files franchise will become absorbed in the trappings that have established the television series as a long-standing staple. In the game, players assume the role of an FBI agent and will tackle assignments compromising of the paranormal, conspiracies and the unknown.


Simone Kisiel, Women In Horror Spotlight

Simone Kisiel's upcoming Horror film Bugs A Trilogy will establish its course into film festival circulation in 2018. The film concentrates on entomophobia, a psychological fear of insects also referred to as insectophobia. Delving into different genres Kisiel now directs her attention to Horror with the psychological horror anthology Bugs: A Trilogy. In our interview, Kisiel discusses fear of bugs, literally. Our interview with Simone Kisiel marks our continued coverage and recognition of Women in Horror Month.



Helen Baldwin, Women in Horror Month Sootlight

In our focus on Women in Horror Month DecayMag Sessions Episode 7 features Actress, Director, Writer Helen Baldwin. Baldwin worked as Director and along with her spouse Howard Kingkade Co-wrote the psychological Horror, Thriller Songbird. This fourteen minute short film will make the rounds in the 2018 film festival calendar. As of press time Songbird is an official selection to the 2018 Film Fest La at L.A. LIVE Film Festival,

On Friday, The 9th of February 2018 I had the pleasure to speak with Baldwin. Our conversation encompassed different facets of her upcoming film, Songbird. With all the information on the film discussed I have to add, this interview is spoiler free. In addition, Baldwin discusses her contributions to Horror and her career


Natasha Pascetta Discusses Road Trash and Filmmaking Ambitions

In appreciation of women in horror month, we’ll be showcasing the many talents leading the field of film production. From established filmmakers to rising stars DecayMag will shed a spotlight on the many female visionaries that are transforming the landscape of horror cinema

In DecayMag Sessions Episode 6 I had the pleasure of speaking with first-time filmmaker Natasha Pascetta. Her upcoming film Road Trash is completing post-production.




In DecayMag Sessions episode five (5) we feature an exclusive interview with a trio of accomplished filmmakers. On the 25th of January 2018, Ken Artuz DecayMag Founder had the pleasure of conversing with;

Tara Lynn Marcelle - writer, director, producer

Vanessa Ore - actress, producer

Catherine Trail - actress, producer

Marcelle, Ore, and Trail established 4 Pies Productions LLC a film production company devoted to establishing character-driven narratives. Calm Before, a psychological Thriller with contexts involving betrayal and mental health is the first feature undertaking from this newly established team.



In DecayMag Podcast S 6 EP 13 Host Ken Artuz and Co-Host Stacy Cox Discuss the latest rumors for The Edge of Tomorrow sequel, the casting towards the Charles Manson film. Also the developments on Netflix version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. We Conclude with our podcast with Trailer First Impressions segment.

Intro (0:13)


Edge of Tomorrow sequel To Develop? (01:41)

Leonardo DiCaprio Stars in Manson Movie? (09:50)

The Chrysalis, Horror Film in Development (19:18)

Gemini Man, Cast Developments (25:59)

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost Develop Paranormal TV Series (33:36)

Kiernan Shipka Cast in Netflix’s Sabrina The Teenage Witch (42:49)

True Detective Season 3 Won’t Arrive Until 2019 (46:28)

Trailer First Impressions

Asylum of Fear (49:58)

Flay (55:01)

Caller ID (62:42)

The Midnight Man (72:23)

Outro (79:07)


Jeremy Herbert Discusses The Childish Things and Budget Filmmaking

Jeremy Herbert Exclusive Interview 

In DecayMag Sessions Episode 4 you'll be introduced to filmmaker Jeremy Herbert. According to the press release, Herbert is a filmmaker known for making movies "....that cost less than minor kitchen appliances." Herbert's first film Killer Date won Best Ohio Film at 2016 Nightmares Film Festival. In 2017, Herbert's second film The Childish Things earned a nomination for Best Ohio Short at 2017 Nightmares Film Festival. 

In this episode, Herbert relays his fears as a filmmaker along with his drive to creating Horror films, especially with zero to low budget. 





Christopher Lawence Chapman Revisited

Christopher Lawence Chapman, Second Interview Revisits Inoperable 

In DecayMag Sessions Episode 3 you'll be introduced to filmmaker Christopher Lawence Chapman. This interview marks the second time Chapman has spoken with DecayMag. In October 2016 Chapman was interviewed by Enid Artuz, DecayMag Content Contributor in regards to then Chapman's unreleased film Inoperable

In our second interview Chapman discusses Inoperable along with his future forecast of films, ideas in the works. Inoperable Released on Video on Demand December 2017 and stars Danielle Harris in the lead. 




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