Dylan Reynolds, Vanessa Rose Parker Talk 420, Horror and 4/20 Massacre 

Intro (00:00)

Segment 1. Movie News

Terminator Reboot Stars Mackenzie Davis? ( 01:25)

iSparked Studios Upcoming Films (10:50)

Through the Glass Darkly in Production (19:53)

Segment 2. Film Reviews 

They Remain (31:36)

The Lullaby  (46:52)

Segment 3. Exclusive Interviews 4/20 Massacre (59:52)

Dylan Reynolds Director, Writer

Vanessa Rose Parker Actress, Producer

Segment 4. Trailer First Impressions 

Siren (106:22)

But Deliver us from Evil (116:03)

Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 (125:45)

Closing Thoughts (133:58)



Olunike Adeliyi Actress, Joseph Cross, Actor Exclusive Interview DecayMag Sessions Episode 15

Olunike Adeliyi (03:49)

Joseph Cross (43:34)

DecayMag Sessions Episode 15 features a double feature interview featuring Actress, Olunike Adeliyi, and Actor Joseph Cross. Our podcast begins with Actress, Olunike Adeliyi discussing her philanthropic work, her career and her upcoming film Darken. This Fantasy, Sci-Fi themed film is slated for release April 2018. Concluding is our exclusive interview with Actor Joseph Cross. Cross portrays the protagonist/antagonist Joseph Burns in Orchard's new Drama, Horror, Thriller release, Tilt. Cross is an award-winning actor with over thirty (30) film credits spanning over twenty (20) years. Cross made his motion picture debut in M. Night Shyamalan's Comedy, Drama, feature, Wide Awake.



Jamie Bernadette, Exclusive Interview DecayMag Podcast S 7 Ep 1

Jamie Bernadette has a distinguishing mark in Horror, Science Fiction and Thriller cinema for her stern female leads. Bernadette joins DecayMag Podcast S7 Ep 1 for an exclusive interview surrounding her upcoming releases Killing Joan and 4/20 Massacre.

Introduction 00:00

Segment 1. Movies

Zak Bagans' Documentary The Demon House (02:26)

The Devil and Father Amorth Documentary (8:46)

Buck Productions Begin Making Monsters (15:16)

World Premiere of Manos Returns at Crypticon Seattle (19:50)

2018 Nitehawk Shorts Festival Announced (21:52) 

Segment 2 Exclusive Interview Jamie Bernadette (24:14)

Segment 3 Trailer First Impressions

Followers (67:18)

Death Kiss (72:46)

Speak of the Devil (79:44)


Hannah Neurotica, Exclusive Interview DecayMag Sessions Episode 13

Hannah Neurotica, | Director | Editor | Writer // Founder Women in Horror Month, Ax Wound Film Festival

In DecayMag Sessions Episode 14 I had the pleasure of interviewing Hannah Neurotica,  Founder of Women in Horror Month and Ax Wound Film Festival. Neurotica is also a Director, Writer, Editor in Horror cinema. Her director and writing credits both span six years and earned five (5) credits in each field. According to IMDb Neurotica's debut production was The Water's Fine, a short film released in 2012 followed by Survive: The Official Video released in 2014. 




Nicholas Tana, Denise Acosta Exclusive Interview DecayMag Sessions Episode 13

Nicholas Tana, Actor | Director | Writer // Denise Acosta, Producer

DecayMag Sessions is an entertainment news source, an episodic podcast featuring a conversational interview with content creators in Horror, Science Fiction and Thriller genres. Areas of focus examine the mainstream and the independent sector which comprise but are not limited to film, music and video games.

In DecayMag Sessions Episode 13 I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicholas Tana and Denise Acosta the creative team behind the Comedy, Horror, Hell's Kitty. The film is set to release on The 13th, of March 2018 via Wild Eye Releasing. Speaking of release, according to IMDb, the duo also worked together on a masturbation-themed documentary titled; Sticky: A (Self) Love Story. Yet, the topic of our interview centers on a less explosive yet pressing issue. 


Hannah Levien Exclusive Interview DecayMag Sessions Episode 12

Hannah Levien, Actress | Writer | Director

In DecayMag Sessions Episode 12 Ken Artuz Founder, DecayMag interviews Actress, Writer, Director; Hannah Levien. According to IMDb Levien has thirty-nine (39) acting credits extending over twelve years. The Australia-born actress made her feature film debut in the award-winning Australian film. The Horseman. From her start in portraying Jesse Forteski, a teenage-runaway Levien became a prominent figure in Horror, Science Fiction and Thrillers. My interview with Hannah Levien continues our spotlight feature for Women in Horror Month.





Marshal Hilton Exclusive Interview

Marshal Hilton is an Actor, Producer and is notable for portraying villainous/anti-hero figures in Horror cinema. Hilton possesses over fifty (50) acting credit spanning twenty-five (25) years. Some of Hilton’s memorable work includes;

• Co-starring in the 3D Animated Comic Book adaptation of "The Living Corpse" from Anchor Bay films.

• Supporting in the Fantasy Sci-Fy Adventure Drama Fate

• Supporting in the Vampire Drama Teeth & Blood

• Supporting in the Horror Thriller Bunnyman 2 for Anoc Entertainment.

• Regular Co-Star, on the #1 Rated Fox Kids Show Beetleborgs Metallix



Tammy Gillis Exclusive Interview

Tammy Gillis is an Actress, Director, Producer with over eighteen years (18) years experience in the field of film and television production. Over the course of her career advancement, Gillis earned fifty-five (55) performance credits. Some of her recent roles include the portrayal of Jane, a LAMDA mercenary, in Syfy's supernatural-themed television series Ghost Wars. The thirteen episodic first season is now available via video on demand across SYFY and iTunes platforms. Ghost Wars will make its Netflix worldwide release sometime this year.


Brandon Marsh, Creative Manager at Creative Mobile, Exclusive Interview

In DecayMag Sessions Episode 9 we feature an exclusive interview with Brandon Marsh, Creative Manager at Creative Mobile. Our conversation focused on the upcoming release of The X-Files Deep State. 

Creative Mobile in collaboration with FoxNext Games produced a gaming experience that takes advantage of the graphics engine on today's mobile devices. Dedicated enthusiasts of The X-Files franchise will become absorbed in the trappings that have established the television series as a long-standing staple. In the game, players assume the role of an FBI agent and will tackle assignments compromising of the paranormal, conspiracies and the unknown.


Simone Kisiel, Women In Horror Spotlight

Simone Kisiel's upcoming Horror film Bugs A Trilogy will establish its course into film festival circulation in 2018. The film concentrates on entomophobia, a psychological fear of insects also referred to as insectophobia. Delving into different genres Kisiel now directs her attention to Horror with the psychological horror anthology Bugs: A Trilogy. In our interview, Kisiel discusses fear of bugs, literally. Our interview with Simone Kisiel marks our continued coverage and recognition of Women in Horror Month.


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