July 26, 2017

DecayMag Podcast S5 EP2 // Exclusive Interviews: Megan Freels Johnston, Stewart Sparke



In this week's episode, we feature exclusive interviews with Megan Freels Johnston, Stewart Sparke

Opening Greetings (0:12:00)

Ken Artuz, Host

Stacy Cox, Co-Host

Movie News

Invasion of the Body Snatchers Remake (01:25)

O2, Anne Hathaway to Star (07:09) 

The Purge 4, Gerard McMurray to direct (14:39) 

Bird Box, Sandra Bullock to star ( 25:30)

Megan Freels Johnston, Writer/Director, The Ice Cream Truck (32:19)

Stewart Sparke The Book Of Monsters (59:27)

Trailer Review

Jigsaw (97:25)

IT (107:28)

The Shape of Water (120:08)

Charismata (128:06)

OUTRO (133:26)


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